About me

Passionate about various forms of Art, Paolo Moretto was born in 1951 in the suburbs of Venice. He has always expressed himself through graphic and paintings. The immediacy, universality and naturalness of this way of communication, drove him to investigate a lot of techniques and materials, to look for new ways of expression.
After a deep and intimate reflection, already adult, Paolo has chosen to show and share his work, being now able to devote himself thoroughly to Art.

He signs his works under the pseudonym “muristan”, the name of a square in Jerusalem, the City he is linked to, where he began sketching his first drawings and painting live watercolours, visualising “a cosmopolitan world” so rich of atmospheres, colours and cultures.

He currently lives and works in the suburbs of Vicenza. For many years, he has been involved in painting, sculpture and art installations, always finding a way of communication which reflects his thought.
Paolo is interested in the Soul and the deep relationship between interiority and spirituality. During his life he goes through a path of introspection and observation of the world. Nevertheless, Paolo is particularly sensitive to social protest as shown in the works: “No More Wall”, “Mediterranean”…
Different styles express his talent. We assist to a natural transition from figurative to abstract visions, a dynamic transformation that always leads to a formal synthesis and a profound message.
Sometimes he adopts symbols coming from different cultures, because of the strength and power of synthesis that those messages bring with them.
He is also devoted to photography as well as several multimedia tools for creating videos.
He refuses categories, stereotypes or clichés in the arts, since  he considers them  as constraints or obstacles that might hinder his free creativity.